Started climbing at 1998/9.
Sport climber, competition and outdoor climber. Lead and boulder.
Arco LaSportiva award 2013
World cup winner (lead) 2011, 2012
World cup winner (overall) 2011, 2012,2013
Why Climbskin?
"I just wanted to share my experiences with @climbskin cream with the community. Before know it, my skin was constantly cracking, breaking🔪, peeling and were in bad or awful condition almost 80% of my climbing 🆘️. I am happy to say, that in about year of regular use I can proove that my skin tunred for 💯 and is almost never breaking and/or heals much faster than it used to before. 
So, thank you @climbskinspain ! 🙌🙏 "
                                                — Mina Marcovič