Why Climbskin? By BK Gudmundsson 💪⚡️

Wednesday August 1st, 2018.

"I´m at the Crossfit Games. I have already completed the first 3 events and I´m in the middle of the fourth one, sitting on a rowing machine with about 20km still to go. Every single fiber in my body is aching and it feels like I have a whole eternity left to row on that damn machine. The handle is becoming slippery because the blisters in my palms are turning into bleeding wounds. An hour and a half later I finally stand up, done with this horrible event, feeling worse than I have ever felt in my life.

One hour later I’m feeling a lot better overall but my hands are REALLY starting to hurt. My palms are a mess and I’m thinking to myself that I will need to really dig deep to push through the weekend. My coach Jami is a climbing enthusiast and upon seeing my hands he he gives me this wondercream that he uses when his hands are all torn up after climbing. When I wake up the morning after there is no pain in my hands anymore and the wounds have healed quite a bit, like way beyond anything anyone can expect to happen overnight. A miracle.

What I am describing here is my first experience of the Climbskin cream that I used it for the remainder of the Games and ever since. There were no more problems with my hands for the rest of the competition, and to tell the truth I have not had any more problems with my hands again. This is how good this stuff is both for tear and blister protection and also for healing of wounds.

Few weeks back told my manager Snorri Barón this story, he wasted no time and now a deal has been signed. I am very proud to represent a brand that offers such awesome products. Nothing I have tried even comes close to work as well this works. Any of you out there who have had problems with your hands tearing up or are just looking for a solid way to protect them, check out Climbskin🤚🏻"