High quality chalk 


Designed to help you consistently climb at your limit, FrictionLabs chalk is made for climbers, by climbers.

This is not the same old white-labeled generic chalk climbers are used to. Responsibly refined and stripped of all unnecessary fillers, FrictionLabs chalk gives you unrivaled moisture absorption and skin health. Like a high performance climbing shoe, their high purity Magnesium Carbonate makes a single application far more efficient, giving you the extra edge to focus on sending not slipping.


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Use Less. Do More. This is the best chalk out there.

Our chalk is created specifically for climbers, by climbers. The highest purity Magnesium Carbonate is designed to give you that extra edge so you never need chalk mid-crux again. Responsibly made in the USA and stripped of all unnecessary fillers, FrictionLabs chalk delivers unrivaled moisture absorption and skin longevity.

Our chalk differs from traditional alternatives in that the materials are treated, refined, and precisely texturized at a lab in Denver, Colorado. This is not the same old white-labeled chalk from China and Taiwan climbers are used to. A single application is far more efficient, allowing you to focus on the task at hand…not on your hands.

Chalk up less. Perform at your best. Keep your hands healthy and strong.


What's the difference between FrictionLabs and other chalk?

We process our chalk at our headquarters in Denver, Colorado, removing impurities and delivering a chalk that is the cleanest and longest lasting anywhere. It also feels a lot better on your hands thanks to our unique textures.

What's the deal with the different blends/types/flavors/animals?

FrictionLabs chalk comes in three textures, each with a unique hand-feel:

  • Unicorn Dust: Fine texture
  • Gorilla Grip: Chunky texture
  • Bam Bam: Super chunky texture

Is one blend recommended for certain types of difficulties/styles/conditions/experience levels?

Like peanut butter, it's just about personal preference (and really good!). Most people start with Gorilla Grip and then change if they prefer finer (Unicorn Dust) or chunkier (Bam Bam).


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