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We would like you to know more about Climbskin®, Official Collaborator of the Spanish Climbing and Para-Climbing Teams. We are confident of the many benefits that our knowledge in skin care – poured into a product of the highest quality as Climbskin® Hand Cream – can bring to other activities such as CrossFit, Street Workout, Calisthenics, Weightlifting, etc., where the wearing in the skin is maximum.


Climbskin® Hand Cream has been designed to improve the experience of climbing, so there is a direct connection with all those sports that require special hand care. It is a rapid absorption cream that brings together the most powerful regenerators and skin healing agents found in nature, under an innovative design that expertly combines eight main ingredients.


A feature that sets us apart from the rest – especially in CrossFit – is that, until now, it was unthinkable to use any of the available products (too greasy, based on oils) before practicing our sport. Now, you can use Climbskin Hand Cream one hour before. A thin layer is sufficient to give the skin greater elasticity. This acts as a "warming" that helps to prevent skin damage (reduces the possibility of "smilies", opening calluses, cracks, or taking off the skin under the nail ). Tincture of benzoin and natural silica also help to regulate sweating, which is an important factor in skin wearing.



Make the skin care of your hands a healthy routine and you will see the difference in no time.

Climb more! Train more! Enjoy climbing even more: Discover Climbskin.




  Official Product of The Spanish Throwdown 2018